Pop Tarts - The Ultimate Power Pop Mix CD #1

Back in 2001, I started assembling mix CDs of my favorite modern power pop tracks. Over the years, I've amassed quite a few of these. After listening to many of them, I still think they are an excellent overview of the genre. There were 10 volumes before I finally stopped making them in 2005. I will post each of these volumes as time permits, as well as creating new volumes containing some of the great power pop that has been released since 2005. If you're into discovering tons of quality artists, these compilations will serve as an excellent introduction. This volume contains Zuckerbaby, Kitty In The Tree, The Atomic Numbers, Teen Machine, The Nines and many others. Check it...


  1. Fantastic mix CD! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for Volume #2


  2. you might enjoy my band's old album...

    band was called "sins tailor "
    album called " ticket for a destination "

    artwork included in zip file..........


    david a burdick

    here's the link


    i think it may only be up for 90 days..........if no one downloads it....email me if it disappears and i'll re-up it...

    you can do a google search for me or the band to get more information..............

    we used to be sold on notlame ....and we were scheduled to play the ipo long time ago when we lost our drummer....
    we are from tulsa....like dwight twilley...and 20/20

    you can send me a donation at my email address at paypal if ya feel like helpin a fella out....
    here's my email address....


    we also still have plenty of these cd's if you wanna buy a hard copy..........just let me know....

    i'm on myspace and facebook as well....



    or you can always go to my bulletin board


    thanxs to all the fans....
    david a burdick

  3. Hi,
    I wonder if you are still interested in any of the records listed on your wishlist on this Blog as I own most of them and am ready to share.
    On the other hand, I think you also run the Robots for Ronnie blog where I really wish you could repost the Rock Rabbitt record without glitches if possible.
    Hope we can help each other as we do seem to like the same music.

  4. This looks like a really nice collection. Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to your future comps.

  5. What happened? Was looking forward to following this blog... Hope all is well.