Well, hello there...

It's your pal from Robots For Ronnie and I've decided to start a blog covering my favorite genre of music, powerpop. Much like my other blog, I'll do my best to include as much relevant information as possible about the artists posted here. My focus will be out-of-print releases by lesser known artists, since this genre is already hurting from severe underexposure. It's my hope that you will discover some fantastic powerpop by artists you've never heard before. Standby for my inaugural post tomorrow. Are you ready to take the leap? Well let's go...


  1. Hi J ,
    Love your Robots For Ronnie blog !
    Looking forward to seeing what gems you deliver here !
    Request :
    Any albums by Flintlock , albums by this overlooked band of monster hook-power seem impossible to find anywhere .
    Stay Great ,
    - Sean

  2. looking for the out of print album :"Please Mind Your Head" By String Driven Thing

  3. great move. i currently check out powerpop overdose and a few others great to see a new addition...bk

  4. Can't wait to see what you do here!

  5. Check the new album by Boston-based Boys Like Girls, called Love Drunk.


  6. More power pop is always a good thing! Unfortunately, I keep getting "Internal Server Error" messages. :-(

  7. Hello,
    Always looking forward of your blog.It was surprising to see your blog everyday.Very eager to see yoru work.!!!!!!!!!
    Well Wisher :)

  8. Hello, again. Thanks a million for robots of ronnie. I loved the gems you share with! Thanks, thanks and thanks. I will follow your new blog and wish you the best!! Would you repost Bulldog's SMASHER album,please? Thank you. From Peru.
    Alex Ramos.

  9. thanks ronnie any chance of a little 70s glam please